Dan and Jen's Animal Friends

Saturday, October 01, 2005


What is Dan and Jen's Animal Friends?
DaJAF is a blog featuring videos, photos, and honorable mention of our animal friends. Our animal friends are any animals that we meet or know. Some we live with; some we just visit.

Who are Dan and Jen?
We are a happy couple who love animals very much. We are both ethical vegetarians, and although we aren't activists, we support animal rights reform. We blog because we see the beauty and hilarity in many animals, and we want to share our sightings with the world.

Where/How Do Dan and Jen Get Their Video?
We get our content from a variety of ways: at our home,in our neighborhood or the homes of family and friends, and at zoos that we visit.

What Cameras Do Dan and Jen Use?
For video, we use a Sony DCR-HC21 MiniDV Handycam, and for photo and video, we use a Canon Powershot A75. Each work very well but once you start recording with the Canon, you can't adjust the zoom or focus, but the process of loading video to the computer is much easier with it. We have a 1GB memory card in the camera, and that allows many pictures and videos.

What Editing Software Do Dan and Jen Use?
We use iMovie (newer) and Windows Movie Maker (older) to edit and produce our videos.

How Was DaJAF Created?
We followed the excellent, detailed, step-by-step tutorial on Freevlog. They show you how to make your own videoblog for free.

How Much Does This Site Cost To Run?
Nothing. Aside from the obvious cost of a camera, a computer, and Internet access, everything that we do on this site is free. The site, the video and image hosting, the video archive page, and the fun little tools to make it. Go to Freevlog to make a free blog for yourself; their tutorials are on video.

Who Hosts Video For DaJAF?
Our videos are hosted by blip.tv. We tried to have the Internet Archive host for us but their server won't accept our file format or something. Blogger, Flickr, and the Archive host our photos.

If there are any questions that you want us to answer, leave a comment on this post, and we'll get to it as soon as possible. —Dan and Jen


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