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Saturday, December 16, 2006

New "Labels"

So apparently Google has started implementing some "Google Accounts" action in Blogger (they've owned Blogger for a few years). When logging on today, I found a prompt to update my blogs from "Blogger basic" to the new "beta Blogger". I was hesitant to do it, but I found out that all blogger blogs will be required to switch in a few months, so what the hell -- I switched now.

It's really cool though. Just as in Gmail (if you don't know, it's awesome), the posts can be categorized with "Labels". I'm really excited about this because I've always liked the tags that other blogs have and I wanted it. The labels will be on each post, but I am also going to add a list on the sidebar (like the DaJAF archive) so access to the labels will be simple and fast.
Here are the labels so far: Spike, Godzilla, Weasels, At the Zoo, and Wildlife.
P.S.- Stay tuned for a good slooooooooooww video.



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