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Wednesday, May 17, 2006

Gosling Week 2006: Day 2

This is the follow up to yesterday's baby goose post. The babies were so cute and one was learning to honk. Hope to see you tomorrow. I think that the cutest part is that the baby geese are so fluffy and soft looking that they make the shots of them look blurry.



  • Those videos are great! We have 'our geese' here (Iggy and his girl) but we never got to document their babies and how they grew over last summer, even though we were there nearly every day. This year, I'm hoping to get video to add to the pics we took. It really is the best part of summer! All those little peeps. That sound always makes me smile.

    By Blogger Cynthia, at 4/05/2007 6:47 PM  

  • Thanks, I'm glad you liked them -- that is the best time of the year.

    I wanted to send you an email, but your profile isn't linked or it's blocked. Let me know if you do get some good pics and/or video of the 2007 goslings. I'll link you and put a post up about your site.

    Thanks for watching.

    By Blogger Dan, at 4/06/2007 6:28 AM  

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